You Get A Weeks Notice For Dooms-Day, What Do You Stockpile?

Stockpiling: To accumulate a large stock of goods or materials.


So impending doom is looming .. you have a weeks notice of the coming apocalypse, a week to make sure your family is ready! So where the hell do you start? Whether it be World War 3, an apocalyptic invasion or a mass super bug that is threatening to wipe out 80% of the worlds population (yes, I am talking about zombies), would you be ready? I know I for one laugh and take the piss out of the doomsday prepper shows, we sit and watch and giggle and call them crazy then go eat dinner and forget about it, but maybe the last laugh will be on us and it does have me thinking, what the hell would I stockpile?

Here is my list, I totally think I have nailed it.


Shit tons of it, as much as we can fit in the house, and then some more and also a home brewing kit ..

7-30-09 Amherst -Staff photo by Don Treeger- Richard and Floralee (Flo) Newman with some of the items from their toilet paper collection.

I have a big family and I’ll be buggered if we will be using leaves or newspaper and quite frankly, it will probably be me that has to clean it.

They can double as light givers and weapons, and I am scared of the dark, so there’s that.:


Lots, lots and lots more of everything I will be stuck in the house with a husband and 6 children, I will not only need something to knock me out, but them too, so the more the merrier.



Canned food, pasta (we can cook the pasta in the beer if need be), Weetbix, 200 kilos, canned tuna and rice, flour, chocolate, cheese, lots of it and pet food.




 Michonne’s Katana, Guns, lots and lots of guns, none of us have ever used one before, but it cant be that hard right? just point, aim and shoot, baseball bats, knives, and to be honest, the kids.


Shampoo, body wash feminine products ( a truck load of those) and antiseptic.

CB Radio:


It will provide hours of breaka breaka entertainment for the whole family.


One for the childrenwide

And one for Mum and Dad


Have I missed anything? I am sure I have all the important stuff, but I would love to hear from you!

JO xxx

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