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Here is what I believe to be the most honest (and passive aggressive) wedding invitation I have ever seen.
Weddings are a nightmare, and THAT my friends is why I chose to get married at the local Courthouse! YES you read that right, I could not be bothered with all the fanfare and the nightmare that ensues of trying to make sure you don’t forget anyone, don’t offend anyone and lose every bit of you savings in the process.

I’ve never understood why people think others attending your wedding want it to be an all day affair. They don’t. Thank you for coming and wishing us well. Gifts are appreciated but not expected and certainly not required… THAT is how a wedding should go!

Some Bridezillas totally lose control of themselves and think the world revolves around them. Boy are they in for a shock when boring everyday real life kicks in!

The Most hilarious passive aggressive, entitled, and self important wedding invitation around

Check out this invitation and let me know what you think!

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  1. I don’t attend weddings unless I really, really have to in order to keep peace in the family. UPS is great at delivering gifts. I don’t check gift registries, either. I have a standard gift I think newlyweds should learn to use (and have gotten feedback 1-2 years down the road from several that my “standard” gift is one of their most-used items, said feedback usually coming when they show up with it at family potlucks. *heh*). If they don’t like it, I really DGARA.

    If I do attend a wedding, I just sign the book and ALWAYS skip the reception (exception: my daughter’s wedding. *shrugs* At least hers was about the most low-key, relaxed affair of the kind I’ve ever been to).

    This invitation? Unless it were from family I could not ignore, if I received something like this in the mail, it’d just go to the shredder (and thence to the compost pile). And that’s all the response such an “invitation” deserves, IMO.

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