You’ve Got To Stop And Smell The Roses

You’ve got to stop and smell the roses they say, so I try it every time I’m in the Conoco up at the corner getting gas or cigarettes or something but I don’t know what they’ve done to the commercial rose business; or rose bushes I should say.  The ones there they have on hand in cheap bouquets for luckless husbands don’t smell at all.  Not even the ones that have other flowers mixed in.

OMG.  What in hell have they done with all the flower scents?  They certainly haven’t been distributed among any of our politicians.  It’s clear they’re scentsless. 😉

But seriously, when was the last time you stopped and smelled a rose, or just admired it for how beautiful it was?

I was wandering about the web earlier today and I found several nice public domain picture repositories and I downloaded a lot of different images from nature that I intend to share with y’all in the coming weeks.  Right now though, here are the roses, and even though these, like the ones in Conoco, produce no aroma, they sure are pretty.

pink rose

Pretty in Pink

orange rose

The oranges are my favorites.

orange rose

Did I say I like the orange ones? Apricot too.

peach colored rose

Peach!!! Really not orange. 🙂

pink and orange rose

Hmmm I see a theme.

yellow and red rose

Absolutely gorgeous.

yellow rose bud

We love ’em in Texas!


yellow and orange rose

I think orange looks good on roses…

hot pink rose

OOOOH Hot Pink

deep pink rose

Still wet with the dew.

ashes of roses

Lavender is a favorite too.

red rose

Full blown.

red rose bud

Like velvet.

So there you have a few of nature’s finest and while they may not be as perfect looking as hot house blooms, I bet they’d smell when you sniffed them.

What’s your favorite color of rose?  Does anyone know where the flower scent went?  LOL  Let us know either or, or both.


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